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Donna Lynn Highlights and Skincare
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I am an independent stylist operating  out  of  my  own  private  studio.  I  also have a vast knowledge and passion for skin care using a skin care line with the most natural ingredients derived from fruit.  With a variety of clinical peels, enzymes fruit peels using glycolic salicylic lactic, and other natural acids with home care associated with the maintenance of your skin both before and after your treatment. 

You can trust in my extensive experience and continuing education to provide you with an exceptional look.  Whether you style is classic or modern mild or wild to achieve the look you are looking for.  


My Education and Experience

I have an extensive  background as a colorist and stylist. My training began in Edinburgh, Scotland where I trained as an apprentice with some of the very best master stylist and traveling to London to work for Paul Mitchell Salons where I continued my education in hair cutting techniques and as a colorist, later returning to the US to continue my education as a stylist in South Florida and to open my first Salon.  Years later moving to Costa Rica learned the ins and outs of the day spa  business drawing 9 years of experience in skin care with a holistic approach to natural beauty. Returning to Florida to open another salon in Gainesville, FL for 6.5 years. I am dedicated to bringing you the very best possible experience when you visit me whether you are looking for cutting edge style or a cut and color or a relaxing one hour facial with a wonderful skin care line by SKINSCRIPTRX your prescription for skin care. 

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